The HS-300 High Speed Gripper Bottle Cleaner is designed to clean bottles, ranging from 1oz. to 1 gallon, at speeds of up to 400bpm (for a standard 8oz bottle). Speeds will vary depending on the size of the bottle. The HS-300 cleans the inside of empty containers utilizing air, water, sanitizer, or any combination of the three. This machine requires no change parts for different size bottles, and changeovers take less than 3 minutes. If you’re ready to automate your bottle cleaning procedures, this machine presents the perfect solution.

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  • Infeed & discharge conveyors with their own speed control for fine tuning
  • 2-Allen Bradley variable frequency drive
  • 5 and .01 micron air filter assembly with regulator
  • Allen Bradley electrical components
  • All motors inverted rated duty
  • Jam overload shock relays
  • Stainless steel catch basins under top motors and reducers
  • 2-Emergency stops
  • Door interlocks
  • Infeed and discharge photo units
  • Oil impregnated plastic track
  • Cluster lube for all bearings
  • Siko Digital Counter for quick and accurate Gripper size changes
  • Type 304 stainless steel and approved plastic construction
  • No change parts, bottle size changes takes less than 3 minutes
  • Low profile with a cabinet height of only 50″ on most applications
  • Lexan top enclosure for full visibility of infeed and discharge

Water Options Only

  • Water pressure loss switch
  • Powerflex #525 with ethernet
  • Top center interlocked enclosure

Air Options Only

  • Regenerative blower
  • Air ionizing kit
  • Torit dust collector
  • Air pressure loss switch
  • Vacuum Pressure loss switch
  • Powerflex #525 with ethernet
  • SS package
  • Top center interlocked enclosure