The 4-Belt Unscrambler is the ultimate solution for eliminating bottle transfers. Three progressively moving belts separate bottles, while the 4th reverse belt prevents jamming by removing excess bottles. It can be sold in conjunction with one of our bottle cleaners or sold separately to integrate into an existing bottle line.

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Features and Specifications

  • Cleaner mounts to extended 6″ wide discharge belt (combination eliminates transfer)
  • Right and left discharge available
  • Allen Bradly VFD (Electrical provided to customer’s specifications)
  • 4 Delrin table top chain belt conveyors (6″ wide belts)
  • Type 304 stainless steel frame
  • Guide rails included
  • Plastic lined dump station (15″ x 28″) included and removable for ease of transport
  • Adjustable height, +/- 2″, includes ball joint feet for un-level floors.